Dear Beloved Community,


After seven years of dynamic community arts programming (including over 600 public performances!), the Subterranean Arthouse closed at the end of January 2016.

In 2015, the cofounders – Claire Duplantier Burns and Nicole Rodriguez - began a leadership transition of the Arthouse to a collectively run project in the hopes of ushering in a long term, fiscally sustainable organizational model in the beautiful 2179 Bancroft Way space. The Subterranean Collective worked hard to continue the vision of the space, bringing a variety of movement oriented classes and workshops to the fore of the Arthouse.

Despite these efforts, there were a few insurmountable constraints confronting the project. The primary reason for closing the Arthouse was a handful of new and unreasonable requirements mandated by the building’s owner - Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  In short, the Odd Fellows are requiring expensive sound proofing to the performance room, a 60% rent increase, and a lease agreement that has too many frailties. While we have great appreciation for the years of below market rent from the Odd Fellows, these new requests add up to an untenable future.

Artistically, we could not be more pleased with the success of the Subterranean Arthouse. A thriving seven-year run is no small matter for any kind of collective endeavor – especially an all-volunteer one. The community built around the Subterranean Arthouse has beautifully impacted countless lives, and East Bay culture has been richer for the intimate, experimental, and supportive space that the Arthouse provided.

We would like to publicly thank every person (and there are thousands of you!) who contributed to the Subterranean Arthouse. Whether you volunteered, attended shows, performed, donated, or served on the board, we owe the success of this incredible, creative venture to you.


With great love, we say farewell.